Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red Alert

My desperation is sky high. I dont know why, maybe its the weather, but I really have to fight with myself now. The chastity cage shows no mercy. Sometimes I wish it would just burst under the pressure of my little friend getting hard inside, but sadly I dont think that will ever happen :(

Just seeing my little friend locked up right now is so arousing... I try to touch it and you cannot.


  1. Can you feel it... pressing.. pushing against the cage?

    Do you find yourself humping the bed just for that addes pressure and end in near tears because just the thought of the smallest touch.... makes you breathless?

  2. Poor baby! Had it been a CB 3000 it may have split open by now releasing your little friend from its brutal imprisonment.

    I was reading a entry today on Yahoo Groups from a man who has been locked in a CB 2000 for five years. Just remember when things get bad, it could always be worse.


  3. Your doing really good

    im proud of you