Friday, June 19, 2009

A month!!!

One month... one long month is over. I am still aroused from time to time. Especially the last few days. Hot summer days I have to add and so many lovely female feet everywhere. Strangley I start to find women attractive I wouldnt find attractive a few weeks before. Must be my desperation to cum I think.

Well but its starting to get easier I think, at least the nights are not full with erotic dreams anymore and often in the day I dont even think about sex, its just sometimes then it hits me hard. TV is full with sex and submission. Never noticed that before.

So only 12 more months to come now... only *sigh*

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Really only two and a half weeks yet?

*sigh* I have to admit that I am still so aroused most of the time, but work and other things are keeping me busy right now (gladly). So what are the news? Well the last few days I worked a lot, went out with friends and tried to forget about my poor little locked up cock. The nights are fine now, I still wake up with a "good morning stiffy", but at least I can sleep in the night.

I have my ups and downs sometimes. Some days I have no trouble with the chastity situation at all, sometimes I am not even aroused and some other days it hits me hard. I noticed that I am more friendly now... strangly but I am starting to not think about sex when I see an attractive women. Trying not to look at her ass, breats and feet etc. and starting to have "deeper" conversations. Its strange sometimes and hard to explain.

So yes its really only 2 and a half week since I got locked up in chastity. Still I dont know how many more weeks to go for me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am still here

I am not gone, I am still locked up, its just that I really hadnt the time to write the last few days. Mainly cause I was to busy with work and other things, tried to forget about my chastity for a while and not writing a blog or checking the usual websites helped a bit.

Well what should I say, the week was horrible, frustrated and aroused all the time. I pretty much kept myself busy with work and after work I kept working in the garden or watched tv.

I think I should really find myself a hobby now.