Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red Alert

My desperation is sky high. I dont know why, maybe its the weather, but I really have to fight with myself now. The chastity cage shows no mercy. Sometimes I wish it would just burst under the pressure of my little friend getting hard inside, but sadly I dont think that will ever happen :(

Just seeing my little friend locked up right now is so arousing... I try to touch it and you cannot.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

No update yesterday?!

No there wasnt a update yesterday and yes I am still here, locked up, chaste and denied. I just hadnt the time to write something yesterday. Was busy with work, came home and worked in the garden a bit. Yes I sometimes do, ok the truth is I hate working in the garden, but oh well... I had to do something to keep me distracted and it wasnt to hot outside. So I started working in the garden for a bit and went to bed pretty early.

I have to admit that I am starting to miss touching my little friend and this will be my second weekend without ... *sigh* At least we will have another barbecue in a few hours. Beer and a good steak helps sometimes.

Oh and I have lots of spare time right now, I didnt realize how much time I "waste" with cumming. Seeing my little friend locked up inside the chastity belt makes me so sad sometimes.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its raining

Its raining outside. Not really a bad thing. I love rain. The sound of it and the fresh air and after having a few hot summer days its so refreshing now.

Strangly I wasnt really aroused today, which isnt bad, the last few days were really hard. Literally.

So what did I do today? Boring things. Work, work and work again. Oh did I mention that there was this really hot blond girl in the city today? She walked barefeet in the rain. Her lovely feet slippery wet, her soles all dirty. Awwww.... I wish she would have walked to me, pointed her finger at the ground and ordered me to lick her feet clean. That would be so wonderful.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help me please

I woke up with a good morning stiffy. Like my little friend would let me sleep for long and he stayed hard for a good hour. Took a cold shower and some breakfast and tried to avoid any sexual thoughts. Right now the smallest stimulation on the outside of my chastity cage makes me stiff. Imagine you would drive in a car and you would get aroused from the vibration of a running engine. Yes thats what happens to me all the time now.

I am in serious trouble. I am stiff most of the time right now and those erections are getting painful strong and they stay like this for a good amount of time. I have to admit when I look downwards under the shower and see that chastity cage between my legs, seeing my little friend locked up inside, so close but still so far away. No chance for me to touch it and I miss touching it. Its humiliating and arousing at the same time. My balls are so full and heavy. I think any Mistress would enjoy torturing those full balls now.

Its driving me nuts... Help me please...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A week ago

A week ago I asked my Keyholder if she would like to hold the keys again for a while. You know the story already... by midnight I had plenty of comments on my thread and my fate was sealed. Do I regret it you might ask? Hell no! So far its one of the best things in my life!

A few rules changed this week aswell. I have tasks to do from now on. One task is to watch porn for at least 30 mins every day, with one porn free day every month (the first day each month). Another task is that I have to write a story to Mistress Sara every week. I also had to write a story to Miss Dani today, for beeing that cheeky once to her.

You can say what ever you want about me, but I dont do the same mistakes twice and hopefully she will enjoy reading my story today.

So what else happend this week. Apart from getting ostrich eggs and the two imitators on fetlife? - not much. Oh I might tell you that one of the imitators already left fetlife without a trace. Did he get cold feet? and the other one is a hell of a joke too. Seriously people like that make us slaves look bad.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Porn and chastity. Not a good idea.

Today I got told that I have to watch porn for at least 30mins a day. Sounds like fun doesnt it? So I checked my collection of videos (yes I admit I have some porn at home *shrugs*) and found some nice foot fetish porn. Two very attractive women kissing and licking their feet and starting to have fun with each other. A little later a guy enters the room and they have a threesome. Hot steamy sex, lots of feet and sole views, and a nice cumshot in the end.

God I thought my chastity cage would explode and I am still so turned on right now. Watching them having fun with each other and seeing how they fuck and in the end he blows his hot white load all over their feet.

You better hope that you will never have to watch porn when wearing a chastity belt. My balls so hurt right now :( Thats torture! Someone please inform amnesty international.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Please let me out...

I am not sure what to write. I mean do people really want to read how freaking hard this weekend was? Literally. I am starting to regret that I got myself into all of this, but now its to late. I am locked up and there are 387 more days to come. Please, could we just forget about all this and that I never wanted to get locked up in the first place?

I miss touching my little friend *sigh*

If people would like to hear what I did today, trust me you will get bored. Woke up early when I got my good morning stiffy. It lasted for like a hour and only a good ice cold shower helped, ok I admit it didnt really help, but at least I was awake afterwards. Watched some tv, surfed the internet, wrote some emails and had a barbecue with friends in the afternoon.

Thats it... boring I told you, but what did you expect? that I would have sex today? ;)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


God I am so aroused right now and sadly I have nothing to do right now. Just sitting around, trying to forget about that it is already 4 days ago that I jerked off.

I think I should go to a beach and starting counting grains of sand. This should hopefully keep me busy the next 388 days and it might a good way to think about something else, but with my luck there will be a wet t-shirt contest going on today or some super models do a foot fetish movie today.


I feel a bit helpless right now. My cock locked up secure in a chastity device and I am constantly aroused. Yesterday I had an erection for like 2 hours and my balls start to ache.

I am not sure how I can take this any longer, I get told I will get used to it, it just takes a few months. Oh thanks that helps me so much right now, I am glad that I only have to suffer a few months till it finally gets easier ;)

Its weekend now, a good time to get distracted. I am trying to get my toughts away from anything which could arouse me, but its a nearly impossible task. Tiny things make me stiff right now. I think even the wind blowing could make me cum in seconds. I know many of you will have wonderful hot and steamy sex this weekend. Sadly not me.

I was surprised that I slept that well last night, maybe it was cause I did some sports friday afternoon and I hadnt gotten much sleep since I got locked up. My little friend made sure that I woke up early in the morning and it took a good amount of time till he decided to give me some rest. Thats torture, he never gets so stiff outside the chastity cage.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pandora's Box

What have I done?! It wasnt my intention, please believe me. When I checked my thread on fetlife I noticed that another guy posted a thread there and is asking the community to give him days in chastity.

I had to smile at first, that guy knows about my fate and wants to do the same? I hope he thought twice before doing so. He could be stuck with years in chastity and thats what worries me a little. I mean I am glad that my tally was restricted to just one day and that was already long enough to get me 391 days. Yes in a way I feel a bit sorry for everyone who hadnt have the chance to gift me with more days of chastity, but seriously I had to do that or I would have probably found myself locked up in chastity for the rest of my life. Not that this would be a bad thing. I mean handing over the keys to my chastity belt to a wonderful Mistress on the day of our marriage, why not? But something like that shouldnt be handed over lightly and not be done in the way of posting a thread on a website.

Oh yes I had some time of thinking the last few days and I dont regret what I did. I think this can become a wonderful experience for me. It will be a tough task, there will be days when I will regret it, but its not an impossible task and I will do my best to fulfil my obligation. Like I would have much of a choice right now.

And there is third one doing the same now too. I hope I didnt open pandora's box and this will lead in a masses of poor guys kept in chastity for the next years. At least that way some attention might be drawn away from me, now that there are 2 more victims to still the blood thirst.

I wish those guys luck they will need it and it will be interesting to see how everything develops.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I need a break

I am so tired and frustrated. I stayed hard inside my chastity cage for most of the time today and it was a though thing to stay focused. On top of that I hadnt sleep much the last night, so I am pretty worn out right now.

Some kind of lovely vacation would be nice right now. A lonely beach, pina colada and a hot girl. Ok I think I should forget about that hot girl.

I should go to bed soon, get some sleep. Biting in my pillow every time I get another erection inside that chastity cage.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wild dreams

I have to admit that reading some of the comments on fetlife are an incredible huge turn on for me, especially those from Mistress Sara. I mean seriously I got 391 days of chastity and she still would like to add more, but what really troubles my mind right now is the fact that I wish she would be the one holding the keys.

People asked if I am serious about my chastity. Its a strange thing and hard to explain why I would like to have someone locking me up in chastity and keeping me denied. I think its similar to people who like to endure pain. I also think it has something to do with the fact that I think that the person holding the keys is superior to me and it is a way for me to show my respect and submission to that person by handing over the right to decide when ever I can have an orgasm.

It took a while for me to fall asleep yesterday. Seriously I was so aroused yesterday night that I couldnt fall asleep and everytime I closed my eyes I had the wildest dreams poping up in my mind. It was really frustrating. If you want to know how I felt then get yourself really turned on and then try to sleep with your hands above the blanket. Normaly I would just jerk off but sadly thats far out of reach for now.


What a day... I felt like beeing in a state of trance for most of the time today. Sitting there in front of my computer and writing my blog. Breathing a few times and feeling the urge to stroke. Its just day number 1 *sigh*

Its starting to get summer outside now, girls in short dresses and open shoes around their lovely feet and there were a few girls with sexy feet in the supermarket today. Its really hard stay focused and when I was home again I noticed that I forgot to buy half the things so I had to go back to the supermarket again.

The cruel thing is that it feels like the time is moving slower now. I am so aroused *sigh*

The numbers are in

It didnt take long and I felt relieved when the clock turned midnight. By then 391 people had left an comment on my thread on fetlife. 391 people *sigh* I didnt expect that many people to post there, honestly I expected something like 30-40 comments and I had to swallow hard yesterday.

It looks like a lot of people had lots of fun yesterday by leaving comments and increasing the duration of my chastity and the final decission if future comments will still give me some extra time isnt made yet, I mean we are in no hurry to decide that now are we? ;)

I couldnt really sleep tonight. Still had that magic number in my mind every time I closed my eyes. 391 days. I think it will take a few more days till I finally start to realize what that really means. Next year summer *sigh* will be the next time I am allowed to have an orgasm, if and only if there wont be any extra time, but as I said there isnt made any decision about that yet. I am sure some of you would love to give me some extra time wouldnt you?

How I feel right now? I am not sure. I am a bit frustrated right now to be honest and apart from that I am starting to ache already.