Saturday, May 23, 2009


I feel a bit helpless right now. My cock locked up secure in a chastity device and I am constantly aroused. Yesterday I had an erection for like 2 hours and my balls start to ache.

I am not sure how I can take this any longer, I get told I will get used to it, it just takes a few months. Oh thanks that helps me so much right now, I am glad that I only have to suffer a few months till it finally gets easier ;)

Its weekend now, a good time to get distracted. I am trying to get my toughts away from anything which could arouse me, but its a nearly impossible task. Tiny things make me stiff right now. I think even the wind blowing could make me cum in seconds. I know many of you will have wonderful hot and steamy sex this weekend. Sadly not me.

I was surprised that I slept that well last night, maybe it was cause I did some sports friday afternoon and I hadnt gotten much sleep since I got locked up. My little friend made sure that I woke up early in the morning and it took a good amount of time till he decided to give me some rest. Thats torture, he never gets so stiff outside the chastity cage.

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