Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help me please

I woke up with a good morning stiffy. Like my little friend would let me sleep for long and he stayed hard for a good hour. Took a cold shower and some breakfast and tried to avoid any sexual thoughts. Right now the smallest stimulation on the outside of my chastity cage makes me stiff. Imagine you would drive in a car and you would get aroused from the vibration of a running engine. Yes thats what happens to me all the time now.

I am in serious trouble. I am stiff most of the time right now and those erections are getting painful strong and they stay like this for a good amount of time. I have to admit when I look downwards under the shower and see that chastity cage between my legs, seeing my little friend locked up inside, so close but still so far away. No chance for me to touch it and I miss touching it. Its humiliating and arousing at the same time. My balls are so full and heavy. I think any Mistress would enjoy torturing those full balls now.

Its driving me nuts... Help me please...


  1. Help you?


    I have a writing on my page called foot fetish. It is one that I wrote YEARS ago. Read it.. it might.... help.

  2. I am now also caged. I don't know when I will be allowed to come. I do know that I will be tied down, teased and put away many times before I do.

    I am locked in a CB 2000 with medium points. I have been told to bring the longest points next visit.


  3. @Trin: Your so cruel... but I loved your writing. Thank you :)

    @Ritch: You got yourself in some trouble now, but its good to hear that I am not the only guy with blue balls out there.