Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 more days

Time is running out. So this is your last chance to get some more pictures of me and "big earl" by the end of the months. I am going to make the pictures next week and will post them afterwards.

I am also going to extend my "counter" so it reflects the real time I will be locked up in chastity. So far I have gotten 40 extra days thanks to Ritch.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The first ten donators

To make it more attractive for people to donate. The first ten donations will count double. So pay 1 dollar and I will be locked up for 2 days. Also for every dollar I am able to raise till the end of the month I will post one picture of me playing with a black 10 inch dildo and I will take requests of what you would like to see on those pictures.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Help me getting a steel chastity belt

Some of you know that I always dreamed of having a nice and secure full steel chastity belt. Something I cannot get out anymore, something I would need a iron saw to break out. Something really secure. So I want beg peoples to help me make this dream come true and I am offering to stay chaste for much longer as an reward.

How will it work. Well we decided that for every $ I will stay locked up for another day. Hopefully by the end of my 391 days we will have enough money together to order a steel chastity belt. So I could end with 800 more days of chastity! and no there will be no cumming after 391 days, not even once!

Now the question is if there are enough really cruel people out there willing to donate some money to make me wish I would have never put on a chastity belt?


Today I missed cumming that much, that I picked up that glas full of cum I saved a while ago in my freezer. There were at least 10 loads of cum in that glas. So I put the glas in a bowl with warm water and waited for the gum to melt and then I emptied it in my mouth and played with the cum around. Feeling the taste on my tongue. I have to admit that I disslike eating my own cum and normaly I wouldnt do such a thing, but this time was different. I am so unbelievable horny today. I dont know why. Wasnt horny for some time now, but today it hit me hard and then I wanted to cum but couldnt. Wanted to smell my own cum, feel it on my hands and so I was happy that I had some cum saved before I got locked up.

Its gross but I did enjoy that huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all down and it tasted great. I wish I would have saved another 10 loads or even more. A bow full of cum, damn I would so love that right now. If there wouldnt be those sexual diseases I would go and ask people if they would be willing to send me condoms full with cum and I would pour it all in a huge bowl and swallow it down live on webcam.

Am I becoming a cumslut? I think so and I hope I will stay a cumslut after I got unlocked in 309 days.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

No I didnt leave...

and before you ask, yes I am still locked up in chastity. Just was really busy with work and things got over my head a little and honestly I really wasnt in the mood to write anything on my blog. I just wasnt in the mood.

Its 2 and a half months now since I had my last orgasm. I do miss playing with my cock, but I have to admit that I am having a hard time to remember how it feels when you cum.

I own 4 dildos now and use them more or less weekly now. First I felt a bit ashamed to fuck myself with it, but now its the only "pleasure" I am allowed to have and it helps sometimes to release some "steam" and before you ask, I do manage to cum that way, just without having an orgasm and I am always limb in that situation. Its frustrating when you see your cum dripping out of your limb cock and you dont get any pleasure from it, it just comes out, drop by drop and I have to admit that I like that feeling when that dildo pushes inside of me. Its just that its like edging. Its a nice and enjoyable feeling but there is no orgasm as an reward which is very frustrating as soon as you stop using your dildo. Hard to explain, its like when you have an itch, you rub and it eases the pain, but the itch is still there and as soon as you stop rubbing it you want to do it again.