Sunday, July 25, 2010

Less than a month left

Finally... my hopes are up that by the end of next month I will be able to masturbate again. It was a long time with lots of ups and downs but after a while things started to get easy. In a way I am also a little bit sad that the time will be over soon, but surely this wont be the last time I will get locked up in chastity, I am just not sure if it will be ever for that long again. I also have to say that after a while things start to get boring, you just dont care about it anymore, so I didnt feel the need to update or post on my blog. Its just when you lose your hornyness then you also lose your interests in some things. At least that happend with me.

Well if someone has a idea how to increase the duration of my chastity, feel free to leave a comment. Maybe everytime someone posts a picture with "No cumming for you Ronald" written on his barefeet or asscheek I will add one week and dont forget there is still the chipin thing going.