Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The numbers are in

It didnt take long and I felt relieved when the clock turned midnight. By then 391 people had left an comment on my thread on fetlife. 391 people *sigh* I didnt expect that many people to post there, honestly I expected something like 30-40 comments and I had to swallow hard yesterday.

It looks like a lot of people had lots of fun yesterday by leaving comments and increasing the duration of my chastity and the final decission if future comments will still give me some extra time isnt made yet, I mean we are in no hurry to decide that now are we? ;)

I couldnt really sleep tonight. Still had that magic number in my mind every time I closed my eyes. 391 days. I think it will take a few more days till I finally start to realize what that really means. Next year summer *sigh* will be the next time I am allowed to have an orgasm, if and only if there wont be any extra time, but as I said there isnt made any decision about that yet. I am sure some of you would love to give me some extra time wouldnt you?

How I feel right now? I am not sure. I am a bit frustrated right now to be honest and apart from that I am starting to ache already.


  1. I was disappointed to not have added to the number of days. But will enjoy seeing the journey here.

  2. I am sorry to hear that Miss Honey, but maybe there will be another chance in the future. I am glad to hear that you will enjoy reading my blog and I hope you wont get disappointed again.

  3. Have you read the blog "A year of teasing and denial?' The woman made the guy suffer with one orgasm a week. I'm sure you feel so sorry for him.


  4. I can't even go 3 days without an orgasm and if i can help it most days i orgasm 4 or 5 times.