Friday, May 22, 2009

Pandora's Box

What have I done?! It wasnt my intention, please believe me. When I checked my thread on fetlife I noticed that another guy posted a thread there and is asking the community to give him days in chastity.

I had to smile at first, that guy knows about my fate and wants to do the same? I hope he thought twice before doing so. He could be stuck with years in chastity and thats what worries me a little. I mean I am glad that my tally was restricted to just one day and that was already long enough to get me 391 days. Yes in a way I feel a bit sorry for everyone who hadnt have the chance to gift me with more days of chastity, but seriously I had to do that or I would have probably found myself locked up in chastity for the rest of my life. Not that this would be a bad thing. I mean handing over the keys to my chastity belt to a wonderful Mistress on the day of our marriage, why not? But something like that shouldnt be handed over lightly and not be done in the way of posting a thread on a website.

Oh yes I had some time of thinking the last few days and I dont regret what I did. I think this can become a wonderful experience for me. It will be a tough task, there will be days when I will regret it, but its not an impossible task and I will do my best to fulfil my obligation. Like I would have much of a choice right now.

And there is third one doing the same now too. I hope I didnt open pandora's box and this will lead in a masses of poor guys kept in chastity for the next years. At least that way some attention might be drawn away from me, now that there are 2 more victims to still the blood thirst.

I wish those guys luck they will need it and it will be interesting to see how everything develops.

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