Sunday, August 2, 2009

No I didnt leave...

and before you ask, yes I am still locked up in chastity. Just was really busy with work and things got over my head a little and honestly I really wasnt in the mood to write anything on my blog. I just wasnt in the mood.

Its 2 and a half months now since I had my last orgasm. I do miss playing with my cock, but I have to admit that I am having a hard time to remember how it feels when you cum.

I own 4 dildos now and use them more or less weekly now. First I felt a bit ashamed to fuck myself with it, but now its the only "pleasure" I am allowed to have and it helps sometimes to release some "steam" and before you ask, I do manage to cum that way, just without having an orgasm and I am always limb in that situation. Its frustrating when you see your cum dripping out of your limb cock and you dont get any pleasure from it, it just comes out, drop by drop and I have to admit that I like that feeling when that dildo pushes inside of me. Its just that its like edging. Its a nice and enjoyable feeling but there is no orgasm as an reward which is very frustrating as soon as you stop using your dildo. Hard to explain, its like when you have an itch, you rub and it eases the pain, but the itch is still there and as soon as you stop rubbing it you want to do it again.

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  1. You are performing a prostate milking with the dildo. It can release some of the pressure in the prostate, but you don't get the hormonal release and rush that comes from an orgasm. I'm guessing that the physical stimulation of the prostate then causes the production of more seminal fluid so you are soon not even relieved of the pressure from a full prostate.