Monday, August 10, 2009


Today I missed cumming that much, that I picked up that glas full of cum I saved a while ago in my freezer. There were at least 10 loads of cum in that glas. So I put the glas in a bowl with warm water and waited for the gum to melt and then I emptied it in my mouth and played with the cum around. Feeling the taste on my tongue. I have to admit that I disslike eating my own cum and normaly I wouldnt do such a thing, but this time was different. I am so unbelievable horny today. I dont know why. Wasnt horny for some time now, but today it hit me hard and then I wanted to cum but couldnt. Wanted to smell my own cum, feel it on my hands and so I was happy that I had some cum saved before I got locked up.

Its gross but I did enjoy that huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all down and it tasted great. I wish I would have saved another 10 loads or even more. A bow full of cum, damn I would so love that right now. If there wouldnt be those sexual diseases I would go and ask people if they would be willing to send me condoms full with cum and I would pour it all in a huge bowl and swallow it down live on webcam.

Am I becoming a cumslut? I think so and I hope I will stay a cumslut after I got unlocked in 309 days.

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