Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What to do?

I know I didnt really update my blog lately, its just that I really wasnt in the mood to write something. Its an up and down lately for me. Some days I feel really great and some other days its just frustrating. My wet dreams are more or less gone at least I dont have that many wet dreams anymore and if you believe it or not I dont really think about sex anymore. Yes sure if I walk on the street and see a nice sexy girl in a summer dress, barefooted, long dark hairs, then I still turn my head and stare at her and I get hard. I wish I could go home afterwards and just jerk off, I bet I would blow a huge load on my chest, but I cannot and thats sometimes very frustrating.

Apart from that I noticed that I much more calmed down lately, not that aggressive anymore and often when I talk with a woman I dont think about having sex with her. Oh and I am starting to notice how some women try to "play" with men. How they sit on a chair and have their legs crossed, how they play with their shoes or how they stand at the table and push their hips away, so you can see her nice firm butt even more. Yes I know some women enjoy teasing and controlling men that way and normaly it would work with me too. I would stare at her butt, forget about what I wanted to say, with my stiffy in my pants, but right now that doesnt work anymore. I am wondering if some of them starting to think that I must be gay or something.

Sure a more direct approach would still work. Just some special kind of keys in her hands and I would fall down on my knees and would do what ever she wants me to do, but dropping a pencil by accident and showing me what a wonderful firm butt you have, doesnt really work anymore, so you have to do more than that...

Hmmm do I sound horny right now? *sigh* You know now you know why I dont blog that much lately, writing those things and having those daydreams inbetween are torture...


  1. Fascinating - thanks for sharing.

    I wonder if the ladies will escalate...

  2. Now you are really beginning to understand your sexuality. I've often thought that any man, het, homo or bi, can gain great insight from a period of chastity. This is starting to get interesting for you.

    I'm in a different position than you are; I've given up ownership of my cock and balls to another man. I'm looking forward to what the coming months of chastity will do to me. I'm also looking forward to comparing notes with you as we both go down different but somewhat parallel paths this year.


  3. Greetings, R. I hope that you are doing well. I'm still having problems with the CB 2000 causing a sore on the underside of my scrotum. My Dom did invite a friend of his to experiment in me with a new TENS unit. The friend hit the gas rather than the brake at the wrong time. I must now begin a new period of chastity. My Dom mentioned Christmas Eve as a proper time to unwrap my package since
    I violated his order not to orgasm last night. I came, I should pay the price.

    I trust you are well,