Monday, August 10, 2009

Help me getting a steel chastity belt

Some of you know that I always dreamed of having a nice and secure full steel chastity belt. Something I cannot get out anymore, something I would need a iron saw to break out. Something really secure. So I want beg peoples to help me make this dream come true and I am offering to stay chaste for much longer as an reward.

How will it work. Well we decided that for every $ I will stay locked up for another day. Hopefully by the end of my 391 days we will have enough money together to order a steel chastity belt. So I could end with 800 more days of chastity! and no there will be no cumming after 391 days, not even once!

Now the question is if there are enough really cruel people out there willing to donate some money to make me wish I would have never put on a chastity belt?


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