Friday, September 25, 2009

Stay focused

Its been a while now since I got locked up in chastity and a lot things changed. My moodswings are gone now, I think I start to accept the fact I am not going to cum any time soon also I am not really getting hard inside that chastity cage anymore. Well I am sure a wonderful woman could still get it really hard and me down on my knees begging if she really wants. I still do have wet dreams and sometimes its really frustrating, but then I just take one of my dildos and enjoy fucking myself with it for a while. It really helps (at least a bit).

I think my whole personality changed. I am more calmed down, much more friendly to everyone, especially to woman. Its true what some people say about chastity, it really changes you after some time. Its not that I wouldnt miss touching my cock, stroking and having an orgasm. I would probably suck a cock if I could jerk off afterwards, its just that other things became more important lately. Does that make me a better slave? I dont know... maybe a bit, but I am not the one who should judge about that.

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