Tuesday, September 1, 2009


First I want to say thanks to Ritchie and Matthew for their donations. I got 25 $ together, which brings me a little closer to my dream of having a full steal chastity belt. Thanks you two and as promised I made one picture for every dollar donated, not to mention that I have to stay a little longer chaste aswell.

Now I was thinking of doing something similar this month. I have two different ideas in my mind. First I could offer to wear a big sized buttplug for 1 hour for every dollar donated. Second I could offer to post a video of my "fun" session with "big earl" today. Let me know what you think or maybe you have a third option?

Ok but lets go to the promised pictures. I think I really got it "hard" this time and hopefully you agree with me that this dildo is huge and no I wont spoil it, see yourself...


  1. Looks hot! I'd love to see the video, but I suggest the buttplug option as it encourages continued contributions. But be careful - just a few donations could leave you plugged for days!

  2. R, how is this month going? Does you worthless piece of slavemeat ;) even try to get hard anymore?

    Mine is currently free. I had too much of a problem with the rings for a CB 2000 chafing my sac. I ordered a 6000s that is much more comfortable, but have not had the chance to visit my key holder to have it locked on.

    I see that none of the Dommes have been willing to put up a € for your torment. What's with that?

    You would think that you could raise $24 to keep you plugged for a day this month.

    Maybe a video of you licking a woman's foot would pry a little cash from their hands.

  3. Trying yes, but getting hard? not really. I am mostly soft now, still horny from time to time. A video of me licking a womans foot? That wouldnt be something I would call punishment.