Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hadnt the time to update my blog lately, but that doesnt mean I am gone. I am still here, locked up since May, 20th. I have to say it was a rough but wonderful year. The first weeks and months were really hard, I couldnt concentrate, was aroused most of the time and the chastity belt still felt like an impurity to my body. This all changed after a while. Sometimes I feel like I would miss something, the feeling of having an orgasm as an example, but its nothing I couldnt handle. Well its not like I would have a chance anyways, but its not that hard anymore. I enjoy playing with my dildos. Its fun and it feels great, just not the same and no "big bang".

I still dislike the taste of cum and if you wonder why I am talking about the taste of cum right now, when I am locked up in chastity its easy to explain. Prostate Milking and my keyholder decided after I begged that I miss to cum for a while, that I should get cum so she makes me eat her boyfriends cum from time to time and finds it very amusing to see me eating every drop out of a used condom.

Anyways that year was great and I think getting locked up in chastity was a wonderful thing. This sounds strange now doesnt it? but thats how I feel. All the humiliation, the desperation, the arousal etc. I would really miss all that.

So I want to say thanks to all the supporters so far and wish everyone a wonderful christmas and a happy new year. See you all next year.


  1. Loving lockups would be a complete trip! Good luck!

  2. Happy New Year, Robert.

    Good to hear that you haven't disappeared or needed to interrupt your grand experience.


  3. R, I've never seen that you paid for the donation you received in October. I believe ten hours with the plug is in order. ;)

  4. Oh I did not forget about that Ritchie, just didnt write about it yet. I've worn the plug over the night shortly afterwards. Put it in when I went to bed and out when I woke up. I admit it was a wonderful night *smiles*

  5. half your time down. how do you feel